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No area of personal injury law in Florida requires the expertise of an experience attorney more than in slip and fall cases. The statutory and case laws in this field are in a constant state of change which requires a working knowledge beyond the casual practitioner.

Recently, the Florida Legislature amended the law regarding whether owners of property need specific knowledge of a hazardous condition in order to be liable for falls and/or accident on their property.

A skilled attorney, well-versed in the legal duties and what constitutes negligence in this field is a necessity. Laws of notice, seen and unseen hazardous conditions and categories of visitors all factor into a proper evaluation of a slip and fall case.

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The Law Office of Robin Fuson is experienced in dealing with slip and fall accident claims and are solely focused on maximizing victim’s recovery to make them whole after the trauma of an accident. We will be responsible for gathering the necessary documentation to present the claim which includes coordinating with your doctors to collect medical bills and records.

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