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Frequently Asked Questions

What are personal injuries?

When someone has been injured due to recklessness or carelessness on the part of another person, they have suffered a personal injury. This does not have to be a physical injury, but can also involve emotional suffering or damage to their reputation.

What cases do you take?

Our office takes almost all variety of personal injury claims, particularly those including animal bites, product defects, car accidents and premise liability. If you have any questions about your potential case, please call our offices and speak with a skilled Tampa injury attorney.

How do contingency fees work?

When you win your case, you will pay your Tampa injury lawyer a portion of your settlement. If you lose, you pay nothing. These arrangements are made so personal injury victims will not need to spend cash up front when they are already suffering financially.

When I have been in a car accident, do I really need a lawyer?

You can always handle a claim directly with the insurance company, but with a Tampa injury attorney who knows the full extent of damages you are entitled to and the legal code of Florida, you are likely to get a much better settlement. Remember, the insurance company is trying to keep costs down and a lawyer is there to protect your interests.

What is assumption of risk?

This is a common defense used by defendants in personal injury cases. Essentially this means that when you took part in certain dangerous activities you did so fully knowing the risk. In many cases though, the victim knew about the risks of the action itself, but not about hidden dangers at the location.

For example, if a swimmer dove too deep and hit her head at the bottom of a pool, it would not be the fault of the property owner. That is, unless the pool was marked as deeper than it actually was or the lifeguard on duty failed to notice the injured person in the pool until it was too late.

If you have been injured due to someone else’s recklessness or carelessness, please call our offices and schedule a free consultation with a top Tampa injury lawyer.

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