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When you purchase a product, you have the right to assume the product is safe for the use it was created for and that it includes warnings for any known dangers associated with its use. When the company violates this right, you can sue them on the grounds of product liability. If you are ready to take action against a company selling a defective product, please contact a skilled Tampa injury attorney.

Products become defective for three main reasons; design errors, manufacturing errors and marketing errors. Whatever the reason for the product defect that injured you or your loved one, a Tampa defective products lawyer can help you receive compensation. Design errors occur when the product design itself is flawed. For example, if a child’s toy has easily broken off pieces that are likely to be choked on, this would be a design error.

When a product is designed well, but built poorly or made with improper materials, this is a manufacturing error. When dog food ended up killing and sickening hundreds of pets in 2007, it was largely due to a manufacturing error caused by the food’s melamine content that should not have been in the ingredients. Although the actual manufacturing may have happened in China, the American companies that chose to work with this manufacturing company were to blame. It was, after all, their responsibility to make sure they worked with a reputable company and to test the company before it was sold to the public. Don't hesitate to hire injury representation in Florida, just because you learn the error was caused by a company located out of the country.

Our Tampa Accident Attorney Can Help Determine the Type of Error

The last type of error is called a marketing error, because it generally involves pushing a product into the public conscious without clarifying how the product may be dangerous. Companies work to limit their exposure to these types of errors by including warnings about certain products. If a drug company failed to mention known side effects that occur with a specific drug interaction, for example, they would be performing a marketing error. If you are unsure which type of error caused injury to you or your family, your Tampa injury attorney can help clear things up.

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