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An “accident” is defines as “an unexpected and undesirable event.” In order to protect the rights of victims involved in automobile accidents, it is imperative that an experienced attorney is on the case from the very beginning. As soon as the insurance company has notice that one of their policy holders has caused injury and damage to another, their sole mission and purpose is to minimize the financial recovery of the person injured. They can accomplish this by any number of ways including delaying the receipt of settlement monies and discounting claims improperly presented. Only an experienced attorney well versed and familiar with the tactics used to deny recovery for accident victims can represent fully the physical emotional and tangible loses resulting from the accident. Often because of the nature of the injuries, a person will be unable to work for a period after the accident. If is crucial for these victims to have an advocate familiar with navigating their own insurance policy to maximize recovery of lost wages during this vulnerable period.

Our Accident Attorney Is Highly Experienced

According to the Florida traffic accident statistics, almost 2,000 fatalities occurred as a result of car, motorcycle and pedestrian accidents in 2009. Most of these were the result of drug and/or alcohol use. The following is a breakdown of the top contributing factors to fatal accidents in Florida in 2009:

Tampa ranks #6 among cities in Florida with the highest statistical accident rate. In Florida, the law allows for recovery for pain and suffering if there is a permanent injury.

The Law Offices of Robin Fuson are experienced in dealing with car and motorcycle accident claims and are solely focused on maximizing victim’s recovery to make them whole after the trauma of an accident. We will be responsible for gathering the necessary documentation to present the claim which includes coordinating with your doctors to collect medical bills and records. We will protect your legal rights and make sure the secure a settlement that will adequately address not only your present medical needs, but your future needs as well.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a car or motorcycle accident, contact the Law Office of Robin Fuson right away to discuss your case.

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